Johnson & Johnson Nurse Fellowship (JNIF)


The overall purpose of the Johnson & Johnson Nurse Fellowship is to strengthen the leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills of inventive, inspire nurses to help elevate, amplify, and integrate nurse-led innovation in human health.

The JNIF program provides nurse applicants the support for developing leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills.  Up to twelve fellows will be selected to enter the two-year program based on the following criteria:

You are an RN working at a facility and recognized as creative, passionate about quality patient care and a strong patient and family advocate.


You are a community college professor who started a business or work in a non-clinical health care setting but continue to invest in new ideas for better health care. 

You are an RN who has an innovative idea that improves patient’s care, but you lack the resources to help you advanced your idea.  

Embody the spirit to collaborate and a change maker that displays an impact on health and health care.

Vision, passion and capability to make a substantial impact on health and health care. 

Insight, courage and evidence of a commitment to lifelong growth and development. 

Capacity and willingness to learn in collaboration through action, reflection, feedback and support.  


A Registered Nurse (RN) for at least 3 years.    

Candidates must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its territories at the time of application.


Applicants must not receive support from other research fellowships/traineeships as they begin the program.

*Racial, ethnic and gender diversity is encourage and embraced. Applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds are welcome.


Nearly every health system interaction includes a nurse.

Successful healthcare solutions include nurses too.      

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