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Certifies Products & Services Trusted By Nurses


We accelerate the identification, creation and adoption of solutions nurses need and want in the marketplace.


Our Comprehensive Platform

Health care is broken.  Costs are out of control. Delivery systems are straining.  Patient are fed up and caregivers are burnt out.  We all deserve and want better.


On the front lines from hospitals to schools to prisons and pretty much everywhere in-between there is no other profession more pervasive and more aware of all the problems in healthcare than nurses.


Nurse Approved is committed to helping our fellow nurses face these problems by advocating for and supporting the best solutions. We offer the first and only comprehensive platform for evaluating, validating, certifying, funding and promoting products and services that nurses consider necessary and trustworthy.

Who We Partner With

Nurse Approved collaborates with creators of exceptional health care products and services. 
Our partnership extends from individuals with nascent innovative ideas to established companies and brands that  demonstratively  value nurses as key stakeholders. If you are a nurse with a promising impactful innovation or a business or institution that recognizes the importance of nurses as customers, end users, employees or even as influencers then Nurse Approved can help you advance.
Nurse Approved validates claims in order to best serve our ultimate clientele, the millions of people who nurses care for everyday.  By providing third-party non-biased expert level assessment and selectively awarding a trademarked seal of approval we carefully examine opportunities for qualities indicative of endorsement, strategic partnerships and even investment.
In a crowded marketplace, Nurse Approved distinguishes the most trustworthy  promising solutions and assists with gaining traction.
A Catalyst For Credibility & Adoption

By leveraging nursing’s unique position as the most trusted professionals (for over 18 years in a row according to Gallop), Nurse Approved empowers nurses from the bedside and beyond to ignite and drive healthcare transformation. 


Our goal is simple: to accelerate the identification, creation and adoption of solutions nurses need and want in the marketplace. 


Nurses are the largest global healthcare workforce and the backbone of health systems and infrastructure worldwide. When nurses get what they need, we all benefit.  


Nurse Approved is purpose-built to discern, test, support and promote quality healthcare products and services that nurses deem both in demand and reputable.

Our rigorous approval process yields validation, endorsement and support from the most trusted professionals. 

Trustworthy nursing related products and services are certified 'Nurse Approved' and granted a license to use our trademarked seal of approval to help earn trust, accelerate growth and gain traction in the marketplace.


Nurses, nurse-focused ventures, companies that demonstratively value nurses as key stakeholders (eg. as customers, end users or influencers) apply by detailing product or service offerings. Eligibility criteria are verified.


Nurse Approved provides an in-depth comprehensive third-party written report along with testimonials. Our detailed analysis is designed to build credibility with potential investors, partners and customers. All Nurse Approved products and services earn our endorsement and the opportunity to be championed  industry wide through an extensive network of leading innovators, corporate and strategic partners.


Applicants with promising potential and impact are selected for-third party validation. A custom curated panel of inter-disciplinary subject matter experts analyzes and validates relevant clinical as well as product/service claims; regulatory challenges and opportunities; viability of proposed methodologies and market strategies; capabilities and applications; cultural fit as well as likelihood and need for adoption.

For select ventures, certification can also yield qualification for Nurse Approved seed capital. If infusing funds is needed to accelerate development of necessary Nurse Approved products and services then we provide as much as we can and do our best to help raise more.


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