Is your product trusted by the frontline of healthcare?

Nurse Approved is the comprehensive platform for third-party, Nurse Expert evaluation and demand validation


EVALUATE The Nurse Approved team works with you to identify a custom-curated nurse cohort to engage from our nurse expert talent pool for the third-party validation process. The nurse expert review process generates quantified data that captures the value of your product within the nursing community.


VALIDATE  |  Data generated from the evaluation process is analyzed and compiled into a report. Clients leverage the third-party statistics and approval rating to differentiate their product within the healthcare community.


CERTIFY  |  Items with a 95%+ approval rating are eligible to use the Nurse Approved Seal, demonstrating their product is trusted by the frontline of healthcare.

Why Nurse Approved

Healthcare is broken. Costs are out of control. Delivery systems are straining. Patients are fed up and caregivers are burnt out. We can do better, and your product may be part of the solution.


There is no other profession more aware of the challenges in healthcare than nurses. As the largest segment of the healthcare workforce, nurses are on the frontline of patient care and carry the knowledge only gained by this day-to-day responsibility.


With Nurse Approved, this knowledge unlocks insights to help bring the best innovations to the patient bedside. We offer the first and only comprehensive platform for third-party, nurse expert evaluation and validation, certifying solutions that nurses consider necessary and trustworthy.

Working Together

Nurse Approved collaborates with creators of exceptional health care products and services.  Whether you are an innovation executive at a global company or an early stage innovator just getting started, Nurse Approved’s process accelerates the path for impactful healthcare solutions to the patient bedside. Let’s discuss how we can work together to bring the power of nurse experts to your product offering!
In a crowded marketplace, Nurse Approved distinguishes the most trustworthy  promising solutions and assists with gaining traction.
Nurses: The Catalyst For Credibility & Adoption

As the most trusted professionals (for almost 2 decades straight!), nurses' opinions on products they choose for patient care is at the center of healthcare innovation. Nurse Approved accelerates valuable connections between high impact patient solutions and the nurses who drive healthcare transformation. 

These important conversations accelerate the identification, creation and adoption of solutions nurses need and want as part of their nursing practice. 

Nurses are the largest global healthcare workforce and the backbone of health systems and infrastructure worldwide. The Nurse Approved process is purpose-built to discern, test, support and promote quality healthcare innovations powered by those on the frontline of healthcare.When nurses get what they need, we all benefit. 


Nurses are the most trusted professionals; show that they trust your product for their patient care!

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