What We Offer

We do all the heavy lifting to determine if your product or service is Nurse Approved.  From assembling a custom curated panel of interdisciplinary subject matter experts capable of conducting  clinical, regulatory, cultural and market due diligence to identifying barriers to adoption along with opportunities for strategic partnerships.


Our stepwise approval process delivers citable expert analysis, high-production-value testimonials, certification and content to engage prospective investors,  customers and partners with. 

Our Unique Approach

We are a seasoned group of leading professionals prepared to collaborate and position products and services nurses believe in. We also put our money where our mouth is by aligning as a partner to help fund select opportunities.  


The result of working with us: trustworthy assets that only Nurse Approved can produce through our approval process, our certification, our substantiation of claims, our analysis report and testimonials from our talented and of course trusted nurses.


Go ahead and introduce yourself. We love meeting people who value nurses as much as we do. Our initial evaluation is absolutely free. 


Earn our trust by having Nurse Approved substantiate your claims and engaging in our approval process. Once claims are validated and expert analysis complete we offer the opportunity to license our seal of approval. 


When Nurse Approved believes in you it means others will too. Our detailed reporting yields high quality written and video testimonials along with connections to industry thought leaders willing to champion and endorse your product or service. 

Fee Structure

Licensure fees for Nurse Approved certification are determined by planed application(s) of our seal, product and service category as well as Nurse Approved partnership alignment. 

Promotional fees vary based on endorsement format and content requirements as well as Nurse Approved partnership alignment. Our initial consultation is free.

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